The prototype of the MS-21 airliner, originally designed for foreign engines (PW 1400), created the first flight on Russian engines of the PD-14 type, developed by the UEC – this is the second MS-21 aircraft transferred to domestic engines.

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After performing three test flights, this MS-21 got to the airfield in Zhukovsky, where the Yakovlev complex does not continue certification work at the base. In addition, fine-tuning and debugging of all system aircraft will be carried out and, as Rostec plans, the MS-21, equipped with intensive engines, will complete certification by the end of the year.


According to UEC General Designer Yuri Shmotin, the PD-14 engine is a switch in the entire domestic engine building industry, and the replacement of foreign engines with PD-14 by MS-21 has become a good compatibility for the entire Russian aviation industry.

Recall that the MS-21 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft, expected, depending on the modification, to carry from 160 to 210 passengers, at the end of 2021 received a basic level type certificate and made its first flight with transverse and composite wings.

Source: Tech Cult

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