On September 15, the competition “Your Story with Beeline” started on the Beeline website with the main prize of 1 million rubles. Since then, the operator has received more than 5,000 cases of how mobile communications have been affected and changed their lives.

Now a special jury has selected 150 best stories. They have already been published on the project website, the stage of popular voting has come – everyone wants to get acquainted with the stories and choose for themselves.

Of the thousands of clients sent from all, we found that hundreds of ours found their love using mobile communications from Beeline – someone achieved their goal with persistent SMS, and 10 people, for example, simply made a mistake with the number. Such are the fateful typos! At least 43 children were born in happy marriages, and one of them was born right on the long-distance train – novice obstetricians during this consultation via video, of course, using the Beeline network.

Four people escaped from a stuck elevator, three fought off wild animals, seven got out of snow captivity, 15 mushroom pickers found their way, and dozens of cats found a new home. And our clients confessed their love and gratitude to the beeline. Well, we will not get tired of repeating that these feelings are mutual with us!

– beeline

The popular vote will last until October 16. The superfinal for five authors with exciting stories will take place in Moscow on December 8th. All finalists receive 30 years of beeline communication without a connected fee, the author of the most exciting story – 1 million rubles.

Source: Iphones RU

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