Aeromine Technologies, a subsidiary of the University of Houston, has created a new type of power generator that works to boost steam THE

The principle of operation of the Aeromine wind turbine is announced to create a zone of discharged air between the guide wings and the centrals. There is an appearance in them, when the wind drives the air, then it goes through the tubes to a simple propeller, and the system is stationary, all moving parts are hidden in the base, and when the generator itself appears, you can link at any distance from the external parts, which causes the installation of the installation .

Aeromine project

It is reported that the massive power of the prototype is 5 kW, from such windmills in the same area occupied by 21 typical solar panels, it produces up to 14.3 MWh per year, compared to only 9 MWh per year for solar panels. Aeromine is built using the simplest and cheapest materials, it is easy to dismantle and transport. Obviously, such an installation is inexpensive, but nothing is known about the price tag yet.

The cons of Aeromine are also in plain sight – a fixed system that is not able to respond to a change in wind direction. It is quite bulky, it has up to 5 m in a cell along with onovaniya, although it takes up little space in the ground. about the working prototype, which the wave can “grow” and no more than the last.

Source: Tech Cult

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