this Google started airing this Wednesday (19), New app widgets for iPhone lock screen. Updated versions announced last month, iOS 16It was also published in September.

Google’s new widgets are available through the company’s app update on the App Store for those with iOS 16. After the update, just press and hold the lock or home screen to start the customization.

Check out the news below:

Gmail Widget

HE new gmail widget It’s one of the first, like Drive’s redesigned model. With the first, the user sees the number of new messages received since the last time the inbox was opened and the categories for each, while the second suggests opening it with a tap.

Google Maps and Google Lens

When searching for a particular route, the user can check the estimated travel time from: Google MapsIn addition to the headlines in the article Google News. Restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. There’s also a second Maps shortcut option that helps you find it.

Maps widget.

already Google Lens widget for iOS 16 When the user needs to translate a text, it can be activated simply by pointing the iPhone’s camera. On the other hand, Chrome’s lock screen widgets allow you to make voice calls, turn on incognito mode and even play the dinosaur game.

YouTube and YouTube Music

The update also brings new YouTube Music lock screen widget, displays the last played track. Again in the music area, it’s possible to hum a quote and use the Google shortcut to discover the song’s title.

New YouTube widget for home screen.

in case of YouTubeupdate a revamped home screen widget, with shortcuts to watch videos and view content from your favorite creators in Shorts. There’s even a video search facility inside.

Source: Tec Mundo

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