Airbnb has announced the interim results of the contest for the most exotic guest room design. There were an incredible number of applications, more than 8,000 complex projects in nature alone were taken into account. And at least 400 more buildings located for observing the stars, plus the order of arrangement in the trees. According to the results of the competition, the jury presented 100 such unusual projects from 20 countries and so on.

Airbnb competition

Many busy and promising projects have been weeded out because their implementation is too complicated. For example, they cannot be reimbursed before 2023, as required by the terms of the competition. Or they are too expensive and a $100,000 grant from Airbnb is not enough for such a construction. This raises suspicions about the chosen winners, so in fact the competition continues – after six months it is clear who really won.

Airbnb competition

Among the winning projects, it is worth noting the flower pot house, which has a minicity roof.

Airbnb competition

Source: Tech Cult

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