Gen Z listens to the most podcasts on Spotifylisten to twice as much content than other age groups. The data is in the reportFanwork for PodcastAddressing the behavior of users of the platform”, was published this Friday (21).

Members of this generation, born between the late 1990s and the 2010s, are consuming the format at an accelerated rate, easily outpacing other age groups. “This means that ‘Genzers’ are not just curious, they are always looking for their next favorite podcast,” the platform said.

The study also brings with it other interesting data, such as the international reach of programs in this format. According to the survey, even small podcasts with an average listener of 30 have fans in five different countries due to their global broadcast availability.

The survey also revealed audience loyalty, with fans following their favorite creators four times more likely to listen to their content. Spotify on time to gain more listeners He said it could take up to four months for the biggest draw of users to occur.

Comedy is the most popular genre

What genre is most popular among podcast listeners on Spotify? According to the report, comedy is the preferred genre worldwidebut this varies from region to region – Fiction pieces are best heard in Latin America, family-themed pieces are popular in North America, and religion and spirituality pieces are popular in Asia-Pacific.

However, fans tend to listen to multiple genres at once, as do those who prefer arts-related shows but also listen to comedy (31% of them have this feature). On the other hand, listeners podcasts from true crime and Technology to have the best completion rate by listening to the program from start to finish.

Source: Tec Mundo

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