Detsky Mir announced the convening of an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting and the repurchase of shares of those who do not agree with the reorganization of the business. Common shares will be exchanged at 71.5 rubles each; With the news of this, they have gone up in price almost 20% per hour.

Detsky Mir will buy back shares from shareholders who disagree with the reorganization

Updated at 21:20 Moscow time.

Against the background of the sharp increase in the volatility of Detsky Mir shares during the last trading sessions, the company has decided to launch a buyback program for its own shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange. The “daughter” of the “Children’s World” will redeem the roles and spend up to 3 billion rubles on this within six months. The buyback program may be extended and completed before the specified deadline, the company said.

The Detsky Mir press service announced the convening of an extraordinary meeting of shareholders.

The meeting agenda included the topic of the reorganization of PJSC Detsky Mir and the spin-off of DM LLC. Those shareholders who do not participate in the vote or vote “against” can expect to buy back the company’s shares at a price of 71.5 rubles per share.

“This price was calculated as the weighted average price of PJSC Detsky Mir shares, determined based on the results of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange for a month prior to the date of publication of the statement on the decisions planned for consideration by the Board of Directors on November 7, 2022,” the Detsky Mir press service explained. peace”.

Following the news of the share buyback, Detsky Mir’s listings on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose 20.6% in one hour to 64.2 rubles per share.

Detsky Mir cannot spend more than 10% of the value of its net assets on the date of the shareholders’ meeting on the repurchase of shares (for reference, this is about 1.6 billion rubles). If the value of the number of shares to be purchased exceeds the established amount, they will be repurchased in proportion to the established requirements, the Detsky Mir press service specified.


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Source: RB

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