One of the most useful and interesting features of WhatsApp is the ability to use the application on a computer through both the web version and the desktop version. However, this has a drawback, which has also been exacerbated as the platform includes a multi-device mode. If someone leaves their account open on a PC and another user accesses that PC, you can easily read conversations, because the messages are synced even when the main device is not connected. However, Meta is already working on a feature to prevent this.

According to the portal WaBetaInformationThe company is developing a feature that will allow block access to whatsapp website – or its corresponding desktop version – with a password or PIN. Thus, whenever a user wants to log into their account and chat or read conversations, they must first enter an access code. WhatsApp, yes, will allow you to activate this feature at will. In other words, it is the owner who decides whether to create a password that he must enter every time he accesses the messaging platform.

function, yes. can be extremely useful on shared computers. For example, in computers that are used at work, at university, etc. Although access is also restricted when logging out, the ability to include a password gives an added security bonus when, for example, someone forgets to log out. However, WhatsApp is still working on this feature, so it is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp now lets you block access on iOS and Android

Source: Hiper Textual

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