WhatsApp will bring an update soon allow users to search messages by date🇧🇷 Meta Messenger initially made this feature available to beta testers in the iOS version of the app.

With the new feature, it is now easier to reach a specific chat date. Access to the feature will be in a calendar icon, if enabled by the user. It will still be possible to go to the first message.

The function is in beta update for iOS However, not all beta testers have received this news yet. The selected group has installed the latest version of the TestFlight app, which unlocks the functionality to test the messaging app on iOS.

Gradually, other users will rely on searching messages by date. Accordingly, the appeal WA Beta Info🇧🇷 It’s been in development for two years, but WhatsApp’s focus on it has recently returned.🇧🇷

It is worth remembering that the Meta application has recently released an update. allows users to send messages to themselveseliminating the workaround of creating a group and excluding other participants — see how this works here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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