Apple has released an optimization that enables the Stable Diffusion AI imager to run on an Apple Silicon processor using Core ML, Apple’s proprietary platform for machine learning models.

Apple released an optimization to speed up AI image generation by half

The optimization will allow application developers to use Apple’s Neural Engine hardware to run Stable Diffusion roughly twice as fast as previous Mac-based methods.

Released in August, the Stable Diffusion Neural Network is an open source image synthesis model that generates “digital art” from given text, like a number of other popular image generators.

In November, the app was made available for Apple devices, but users complained about slow imaging speed.

For example, on Nvidia processors, when running locally on a Windows or Linux PC, it takes about 8.7 seconds to create a 512x512px image with good resolution.

On Apple Silicon Mac without optimization, the same image will appear only after 69.8 seconds, and with optimization – in 35 seconds.

By releasing a new optimization for SD performance, Apple wants to unleash the full potential of image synthesis on its devices, as stated on the Apple Research announcement page:

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“With the rise of Stable Diffusion apps, it’s important for developers to be able to leverage technology to build apps that creatives around the world can work with.”


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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