Telegram has been updated to version 9.2.

A number of changes have been made in this update. Enough. Single refusal to use SIM-cards:

Today, a new era of privacy begins: a Telegram account can now be registered without a SIM card, using anonymous numbers on the base. You can purchase such numbers on the Fragment platform.

— Telegram

What else has been added?

General auto-delete settings

Now you can distribute control over your digital message footprint: a shared timer is available to users, which will be automatically deleted in all new chats.

The innovation will not affect previously created chats, but for them you can quickly start sequential deletion of messages in the new menu Settings > Privacy > Auto-delete messages.

Themes 2.0

A new vertical panel has been added to the topics group to navigate to chats. To go to the last active topic directly from the chat list, just use the preview of the last message – now it works like a button.

Added the topic “General Questions” to the group. It found the history of messages before the group went into topics mode; all service messages come here. It is available to everyone – in case they try to view older messages – but administrators can rename it or hide it from the main list.

Temporary QR codes

Now a temporary QR code can be generated even if you don’t have a reserved @username and have hidden your phone number from everyone.

If a user scans such a code, he can quickly find you in the list of users who do not need a phone number.

Search by emoji

Now available on iOS.

Previously, this feature has already been implemented in the Android application. Finding suitable emoji includes scope from added sets, now easy to determine the importance of the different levels. If the desired emoji is not found by the keyword, suggest your own on the translation platform.

Source: Iphones RU

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