madness for ChatGPT He is total and he has his reasons. chat bot based on artificial intelligence from OpenAI has become OUR topic of conversation over the past few weeks. That’s why you may have seen at least one Twitter post where you shared responses from this peculiar tool or even full conversations with it. To the point where many have been asked to predict that it could replace conventional web browsers, something that Google doesn’t seem to like too much.

Actually, CNBC reports that Google employees asked company executives if they considered the ChatGPT insanity a “missed opportunity” given that they already have LaMDA, a natural language-based artificial intelligence model. However, Mountain View executives made it clear that they are not going to use such technology to launch a direct competitorat least not right away. Cause? that the company faces very high “reputational risk” and that it should act more conservatively than a startup.

Jeff Dean, head of Google’s AI division, was the one who tried to be careful about the implementation and scope of this type of tool. “We are absolutely committed to turning them into real products and things in which the language model is more visible and not hidden where we have used them so far. But it is very important that we do everything right.” he said. .

The manager also believes that using ChatGPT as a potential replacement for traditional web browsers is fraught with problems. Most importantly, the platform returns answers that are always true.. “Artificial intelligence can invent things,” Dean said. But that’s not the only issue, as Google believes it’s also necessary to avoid bias and toxicity.

Google has no plans to release ChatGPT competitor

ChatGPT |  Google

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, also spoke out about employee inquiries regarding ChatGPT. The CEO also preferred to reassure workers and assured them that matters should be approached calmly, as millions of people around the world trust the results provided by Google on a daily basis.

However, he made it clear that Mountain View has many AI-related plans that will be implemented in 2023. “This is an area where we have to be bold and responsible, so we have to balance that,” he added. , executive.

It is true that Google has been working on natural language models for several years now. Some of them are perhaps more functional than ChatGPT itself. Nonetheless, none of these have been released to the general public, as chat bot by OpenAIwhich just a couple of days after launch surpassed 1 million users.

It is also clear that the people of Mountain View do not want to return to the center of the stage, as happened this year with LaMDA. Let’s not forget that an engineer from a California company was spreading conversations with an artificial intelligence model that he claimed had received awareness. The case received such publicity that it was even rumored that the model was able to ask for a lawyer for her defense. If you’re interested in more on the subject, we’ve published a report on why experts say we’re still a long way from conscious AI.

With so many unwanted ads Google’s position on refraining from direct competition with ChatGPT is logical.. In any case, the company has several projects in its hands that promise to give something to talk about. Among many, a type of code capable of creating, updating, and fixing itself.

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