THEM Uber suffers a new cyberattack that leaked information about its more than 77,000 employees directly and indirectly. Data published on the Internet includes source code, IT asset management reports, Windows domain logins, email addresses, and other corporate information.

The case was announced yesterday (12) by the website. Sleep ComputerReporting that the leak occurred from the database of Teqtivity, the third-party company of the private transport company.

Everything started to be exposed by an attacker identified on internet forums as “UberLeaks”. Last Saturday (10) Uber and Uber Eats began posting their data on cybercrime forums.

The alleged perpetrator also created custom threads for each different source and named different members of the Lapsus$ cybercriminal group for each thread. Even Lapsus$, one of the main suspects in attacking Uber in September.

According to the experts he consulted, BleepingComputerThe leaked data only reveals Uber’s corporate information. Therefore, for now no indication that app users details are affected🇧🇷

However, it is important to emphasize that the lawsuit leaves company employees vulnerable. With the information in their hands, malicious agents can use phishing to obtain more sensitive data, such as passwords.

What does Uber say?

As a note,ber admitted he was exposed to the leak He even said that the attack was against Teqtivity, which he uses for asset management and tracking services.

“We believe these files are related to an incident at a third-party vendor and not to our security incident in September. Based on our initial review of available information, the code [fonte] “It’s not owned by Uber, but we’re continuing to look into this.”

The tech giant denied that Lapsus$ Group was involved in this action and argued that Teqtivity had acted knowing the gravity of the invasion. “To date, we have not seen any malicious access to Uber’s internal systems,” an Uber spokesperson said. BleepingComputer🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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