Few people use it as their main mail gmail. Its extensive options and excellent performance (not to mention it’s a free service) make it a great option. Google has begun testing an improvement in its security, a breakthrough in both the personal and professional domains.

The idea of ​​the Mountain View company, add an extra layer to the protection options included with your mail client. This will positively impact both text-only emails and emails with important attachments. And all this is control by total userswill decide whether to implement the new security option being worked on.

Security improvement coming to Gmail

The tool is currently in testing and, as the North American company itself reported, some of Google Workspace users are using it for this purpose. And what is achieved with that, end-to-end encryption, so that only those who know the used one can read the sent messages (and also this ensures that no one can access the information between the servers used to send the mail). An excellent advance equal to what messaging services like Telegram or WhatsApp offer.

Using Gmail on mobile


One of the known things is that the way to use encryption would be very simple. The Gmail interface will include: padlock in message edit window so if you click on it the new encryption will be activated. Of course, there are some options such as emoji or signature that are not available when this option is included in emails. However, it is the toll that must be paid to increase the security of the shipments.

a staggering arrival

The first users to take full advantage of the encryption we’re talking about will be those using Google Workspace, especially those with Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus accounts (now even accessing the testing phase). online request). The fact is that it is an important step for all users with a very interesting option. vital emailsand it adds continuity to what already existed on Drive since last year. In principle, everything indicates that in the second half of 2023, distribution can begin for everyone using Gmail.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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