Three years ago, the first part of the film “Knives Out” was released.

Director Rian Johnson hasn’t changed, he’s remained entrusted to the old vaults. He followed the same milestones as before. This method worked 2 years ago, it still works.

We examined the novelty and snow, shared our impressions.

Are you ready for the next puzzles?

When a pandemic of morbidity is atrocious in the world, several (and not so) acquaintances receive an invitation to the Greek island, including Miles Bron.

What is the movie about: During a pandemic, nearly a billion dollars and the founder of high-tech company Alpha Industries, Miles Booking invites his best friends to spend the weekend at the “Glass Bulb” estate, located on his private island in Greece.

According to Miles’ idea, the guests are Connecticut’s Senate-running Governor Claire, Alpha Industries lead scientist Lionel, retarded fashion designer Birdie, popular Twitch streamer Duke, and Andy’s former business partner.

All heroes must solve the mystery of Miles Bron’s murders, which is announced in secret invitations for each guest.

The plot itself is laid out on the shelves, it is quite simple and predictable. This is even reported by Benoit Blanc in the first 40 minutes of the picture. And although he doesn’t say anything suspicious, he finds himself paying attention to external factors that affect the interests of the film industry.

observation in the cinema there is nothing outstanding that has formed to rethink this genre. The bottom line is that it is in the filing. We are practically told the plot in the first half of the picture, and The pieces of the puzzle fit together in over two hours..

It was the same in essential parts of the picture, and this also warmed up the interest in acquiring. to consider – you already know what will happen next, but you can’t figure out in detail how to transform it.

The “Glass Onion” is made according to the patterns of the original “Knives”. Craig is actively fooling around, trying to be as atypical as possible for a movie search, and then a little time passes, and he is completely transformed.

Collected here are references to the classic “detective” film, like “Sherlock Holmes” with Downey Jr. Benoit Blanc plays the role of a simple guy who knows nothing about blooming. And in this regard, Craig is excellent. This is not the same “Bond” who can get out at the expense of his gadgets. It can be seen that the actor got used to a professional detective who put together small pieces of the puzzle.

But why did I say in the title that I was bored at first? Craig’s character solved the mystery in the first half of the film. But Janelle Monáe meets two very different differences, meeting in spirit, but completely different in nature.

Almost every minute all the actors are revealed from different angles, they were able to adopt the feelings of their characters. And you believe them, these are really different people who differ only in character, but also in small manners of behavior.

Acting is the strong point of the film. Fictional characters were able to almost completely live the life of their prototypes, conveying their feelings and feelings.

The picture is beautiful, but nothing outstanding

As with the essential parts, there is nothing out of the ordinary in the percussive style.

One feels the whole “chic of the rich class.” This can be seen through the same wide “glass bulb”, in the role of which the monstrous glass building was made, and through the magnificent design of the island as a whole.

The visual style is preserved with the weight of the painting. Yes, he now “drowns” for fan service, but beats many moments on a completely different level.

Even Edward Norton plays in the first half of the match, playing on nostalgia.

He plays the Beatles’ “Blackbird” on Paul McCartney’s guitar, which he then defiantly throws into the sand. Camon, don’t you know that? The film is simply oversaturated with sunny moments.

This is the sequel you need to watch.

In recent years, too many films have attracted the attention of sequels. But rare paintings can surpass the original.

I can’t say that the sequel to Knives Out is better than the first part. However, this film adheres to the “canons” of both the detective genre in general and the previous film.

In short: if you liked the last film, Knives Out, then this part will not be able to spoil your impressions. This is a completely unoriginal movie, but it is made at a high level, which not everyone can achieve.

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