It became known that the electric car, which received the modest name Lada e-Largus, will be mass-produced in 2024, while an experimental batch of “electric” Largus can be expected by the end of next year. To date, the upcoming novelty is undergoing the necessary road tests, as well as laboratory tests and tests.

At the same time, both the passenger version of the e-Largus and the version in the form of a serial van were mass-produced, which is equipped with a synchronous electric motor with European magnets, delivering a power of about 110 kW.

However, AvtoVAZ, unfortunately, did not specify the planned production volumes of the e-Largus electric car, it is necessary to take into account market factors that are difficult to predict in advance.

Electric Largus

In addition, how did AvtoVAZ, including its head Maxim Sokolov, get the serial e-Largus, the most likely domestic electric car, initially, as a number of “fresh” Russian brands, mastered only slightly SKD models.

As for the price of the e-Largus electric train, the first thing specified by the head of AvtoVAZ is that it will be competitive, since the car is domestic, it was decided to rely on serious state support. As a result, e-Largus in the latest status electric car”.

Source: Tech Cult

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