Tinkoff launched the Tinkoff City platform, which will unite city products, services and services into a single ecosystem. Its characteristic is the personalization of offers for each client based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This is indicated by the “Tinkoff” message.

Tinkoff Launches Tinkoff City Platform for Entertainment and Travel Planning

Tinkoff City will allow you to find entertainment, plan a trip, solve various problems related to city life, find like-minded people for entertainment, learn about the news, buy groceries and goods, fill up your car and more.

The algorithms created based on big data will be able to analyze transactions, interests, consumption behavior of a person and offer interesting services to the client.

It is noted that each user sees his own “City” – offers, content and articles in this section are updated every day based on customer activity.

Main elements of the platform.:

  • Personal guide — recommendations and personal selections for each customer, based on their habits and interests.
  • Services for daily purchases — Grocery order through the app, online purchase of appliances and electronics, books, video games, flower order, car refueling through Tinkoff Fuel with up to 10% cash back.
  • leisure services – Posters for cultural events, purchase of movie tickets, concerts, theater, sporting events, reservation of tables in restaurants.
  • Services — purchase of tours and air tickets, insurance, Tinkoff Repair, beauty salons, sports training online.
  • Personal content source – is formed through integration with Tinkoff Journal.
  • Community — communication in the in-app messenger, evaluation of reviews, search for people with similar interests, joint trips to events.

Tinkoff City services can be found in the Tinkoff super app under the City tab.


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