At Twitter, some experts believe that the rise in abusive language and the unblocking of certain accounts on Twitter could lead people to leave the social network. Thus, the number of “how to delete Twitter” search queries increased by 500% last week. Thousands have decided to sign up with the obscure rival service Mastodon. In general, Elon Musk is blamed for Twitter’s failures.

In May 2022, photo sharing app BeReal topped the app charts in the UK and US. This service differs in that it allows you to publish photos from both the front camera and the main camera at the same time, only in real time. Filters cannot be applied. But experts say user loyalty to other major social networks makes it difficult to build an app that stands the test of time. But the founder of marketing agency State of Social thinks BeReal will continue to grow but needs to find a way to make money.

But experts have no doubts about TikTok: the social network continues to show steady growth. Experts believe this is a prime example of how critical algorithms are to the survival and success of social services.

Source: Ferra

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