Mankind has made significant progress along the path of ultra-sensitive cameras and microphones with the appointment of possibilities. However, scientists still have not been able to surpass nature in creating an artificial sense of smell of the organ. There is only one way out – numerous tips and stress suppression.

An observational group from Tel Aviv University has created a robot capable of identifying the identified signs 10,000 times more effective than all previously created devices.

We are talking about a cyborg – a robot with a set of antennas that were borrowed from an empty locust. An electronic system for measuring the signal from the antenna when an insect detects a detection source. Scientists have combined a cyborg locust with an algorithm that identifies an odor from its output.

A theme was created in the oral cavity that perfectly separates the eighth meaning On the last day of this robot, first of all, it will be possible to use narcotic drugs, which will prevail.

Source: Tech Cult

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