São Paulo Civil Police investigating a 25-year-old person suspected of embezzling approximately 1 million BRL from a graduation party Number of medical students at the University of São Paulo (USP).

The case, involving 25-year-old suspect Alicia Dudy Muller Veiga, came to light after it went viral on social media last week. A Twitter profile posted screenshots of the WhatsApp group allegedly formed by USP medical students.

In one of the prints, the young woman is seen sending a message to her colleagues telling her own version of the story. “I am writing to say that we have no money. With all the pain and guilt and regret you can imagine.” Check out the profile that spread the story below:

At the end of the message, Alicia says she knows it’s wrong to take the money alone and invest it in a brokerage firm. “But [quero] keep helping because it was never my intention to hurt anyone, on the contrary”, concludes the text. The Twitter thread still contains voices, police reports, and other information supposedly sent by those involved in the story.

According to Estadao, Alicia attended high school in a public school and passed in Medicine at the USP after four attempts. To gain approval, he studied for three years in a preparatory course and even managed to move on to the Pharmacy course, but did not sign up to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

When she graduated, she took part in research groups and even voluntarily took part in studies related to covid-19. “Our impression of him was that of a regular student. I’m not aware of any problems he’s having. “In the formation of the (graduation) commission, there was no one else interested in occupying the chair position, and he was willing,” he said.


Alicia Dudy Muller Veiga is in her sixth year in medicine and chairs the graduation committee. In one case, he is being investigated for embezzlement, while in the other he is suspected of embezzlement and money laundering.

According to the allegations, Alicia transferred 927 thousand BRL to her personal account At the end of the graduation of Class 106 of the USP course. The money collected by the students for four years began to be transferred to the suspect’s account in 2021.

It is believed that the student deposited the money in a brokerage house in order to generate income from the amount that would not be realized. This fact has not yet been confirmed by the São Paulo police. What is known for now is that Alicia may have used her graduation money to bet on a lottery. Investigations indicate that he earned around R$461,000 bets last year.

In July 2022, he demanded 891,500 BRL on bets on a lottery house in the capital city of São Paulo. That day, however, the attendant only placed BRL 193,800 on the bets and questioned Alicia about paying the remainder. The suspect showed a payment of R$891.53 and the amount such that the officer thought it would be R$891.5k.

After the argument, the young woman left the lottery without paying, but made a bet of R$ 193,800. So he’s also being investigated for the coup in Casa Lotérica. According to g1The college student also received 3,000 BRL from Emergency Aid at the height of the covid-19 outbreak.

What stakeholders say

In a note sent g1The USP School of Medicine said “facts are being investigated, trying to identify those responsible for the fraud, and the Board supports referral of students involved.”

Neither Alicia Dudy Muller Veiga nor the lawyers defending her were available to comment on the case.

The São Paulo Civil Police reported that the case is being investigated by the 16th Police District and the São Bernardo do Campo Criminal Investigations Specialist Police Station, located in the Vila Clementino neighborhood.

Source: Tec Mundo

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