Five hours after the event, doctors stitched the skin together, glued the upper part of the left ear hanging on a thin piece of skin, and stitched the blood vessels together with tiny stitches.

The woman in her 60s got her hair caught in a column storm while fixing a tractor. He called an ambulance, and paramedics carefully packaged the scalp and kept it cold to slow the metabolism while the patient was taken to the trauma center.

There, a computed tomography (CT) scan confirmed no signs of intracranial bleeding or fractures, so he was transported to the plastic surgery operating room, where the scalp was prepared for surgery: the hair was cut short and foreign bodies were removed. The hair was then reattached in a complex operation that connected three severed blood vessels (an artery and two veins) to restore blood flow.

After the operation, the woman recovered “very successfully”, according to doctors. The reconstructed scalp was well vascularized and there was no tissue death or infection other than partial necrosis in the left ear. Six months later, her hair began to grow back with no sign of baldness. He also regained his scalp feeling and was able to partially raise his eyebrows.

You can learn more about the operation and get acquainted with the photos at the resource.

Source: Ferra

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