Gmail has an option cancel sending email. However, by default, the time to perform the operation about five seconds before the message reaches the recipient. But don’t worry, the service allows you to change this time to a longer one.

Today TecMundo teaches you how to unsubscribe from an email sent in Gmail and change the time to perform the procedure. Check out:

How can I cancel sending email in Gmail?

Previously, the procedure for canceling an email it just works a few minutes after the message was sent. From there do the following:

1. When the message is sent to the recipient, a message box will appear in the lower left corner. Click on “Undo”;

2. Then, if the e-mail was canceled successfully, the following message will be displayed in the same box: “Sending was withdrawn”;

If the e-mail was canceled successfully, this message will appear on the screen.

3. The canceled email will appear on the screen where you can make changes such as changing the recipient, adding or removing attachments, or deleting that content if you no longer want to send it.

How to increase an email unsubscribe time in Gmail?

It is possible to change its configuration so that the message is not sent all at once, so that you have more time to decide whether you want to cancel the sending of an email. Here’s how to change the deadline:

1. Open Gmail in your browser;

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner as shown in the picture below;

Click the gear to access the Gmail settings options

3. Next, click on “See all settings”;

4. Go to “Cancel submission” and click the down arrow in the text box;

5. Choose when your email can be unsubscribed. Options range from 5 to 30 seconds;

Change the time to cancel your message

6. Done, there is now more time to unsend the message before it is delivered to the recipient.

Now that you know how to cancel and increase processing time in Gmail, you no longer have to worry about missing messages or sending to the wrong recipient and being unable to stop your sending.

Besides letting you unsubscribe from sending emails, Gmail also has a confidential mode. See how to use the function here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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