China has developed a unique transformer robot that can quickly move from one physical node. The robot has a solid structure, but under certain conditions it can be liquid. It can be divided into several parts, which can then merge in order to approve and appear wear and tear.

It looks like science fiction, but they themselves say that nature inspired them to make this discovery. They turn attention to the fact that such living things as octopus and sea cucumber can change the rigidity of their own. To achieve the same result in robots, you need to find and modify a non-toxic material that would melt at a temperature close to the environment. Gallium metal was ideal for this purpose. It floats at a temperature of only 29.76 degrees.

Magnetically active particles were introduced into the metal – the resulting substance is resistant to magnesium. By attracting the robot at the right time, it is possible to heat up and change its physical state. In addition, with the help of magnetic particles, the mobility of robots and the necessary degree of mobility are ensured. Lab tests measure developmental concentration – the “hot” companies are good at overcoming preyatstol areas.

The most impressive test was the demonstration of the “escape from the cage” of the newest ganoid figurine, which is now the last one in the world. Scientists are sure that the technology of imitation of the demanded one has been developed. scenario of its use, consider the proposed biomedicine. In addition, “liquid” robots can be indispensable for repair work, complex electrical installations and wherever conditions are cramped or difficult.

Source: Tech Cult

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