Telecom operator MTS was the first of the Big Three to announce plans to develop a metaverse that will integrate with all known VR and AR devices. It is planned to invest $100 million in this.

MTS plans to invest $100 million in the creation of its metaverse

In the new metaverse, the company will sell a new environment in which it intends to promote both its own digital products and the digital goods and services of its partners, Kommersant discovered.

“The client will be able to receive any service in the metaverse, from changing the tariff plan to subscribing to the Stroky book service or the Kion online cinema,” the MTS representative quotes in the publication.

A pilot launch is scheduled for this year. The developers will be startups participating in the MTS 5G incubator (the program started in 2022).

The experts interviewed by Kommersant were perplexed by the idea of ​​a telecommunications giant, since the content of the metaverses is directly related to 5G technologies, which are not yet developed in Russia.

“The development of 5G technology in Russia is now difficult, this makes the metaverse not very attractive for investors and makes it difficult to create,” Kommersant was quoted as saying by a Tele2 representative.

“The main problem is the lack of the necessary software and devices that can support the program,” develops the idea of ​​​​a colleague Gadzhi Makhtiev, founder of the portal.

Despite the technological difficulties and the apparent utopia of such projects in the Russian Federation in the coming years, the largest domestic companies fall under the spell of metaverses.

VKontakte came up with a marketplace for NFT tokens, Yandex and M.Video “opened representative offices” on Roblox.

And this is all the more strange because even foreign pioneers in the field of metauniverses – Facebook (owned by Meta, banned in the Russian Federation due to extremism), Microsoft, Etisalat – are not doing it right: it is not possible to populate space. virtual, there is still no mass character.

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At the same time, these companies invested not hundreds of millions, but tens of billions of dollars in their projects.

However, McKinsie’s forecasts in this area are optimistic: analysts believe that by 2030 the total capitalization of the metaverse will be $5 trillion, and 80% of revenue will come from online sales.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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