The letter says that the study conducted by OPI has proven the presence of nicotine and other harmful substances in the hookah non-tobacco blends “JAM” and “BRUSCO”, which are the most popular on the Russian market. Therefore, the sale of such mixtures is subject to the same restrictions as tobacco products.

The public figure also proposed a related bill.

As Pavlov pointed out, the study showed that the nicotine content in the “BRUSCO” blend was 5,392 mg/m3, formaldehyde – 1,243 mg/m3, acetone – 4,467 mg/m3, acetaldehyde – 3,642 mg/m3, carbon monoxide (CO). – 0.0013%. The aerosol of JAM cigarette blends contains 2,595 mg/m3 of nicotine, formaldehyde – 1,912 mg/m3, acetone – 1,629 mg/m3, acetaldehyde – 1,112 mg/m3, carbon monoxide (CO) – 0.0012%.

“It was conducted by Bryansk University. The study of the composition of smoking mixtures for hookahs JAM and BRUSCO, the most popular on the Russian market by IG Petrovsky, proves that tobacco-free mixtures contain not only nicotine, but also a number of other extremely harmful substances. “There is a cover letter sent to the ministries in the copies.

Source: Ferra

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