Russian developers fear access to international soundtracks and sound results to create games, writes Kommersant.

On January 27, the Ministry of Digital Transformation held a meeting with the presence in the restaurant. It discusses what challenges the gaming industry may face due to the review.

Developers are reconsidering that in the future they will lose access to foreign databases of development tools, 2D and 3D graphics editors.

Also, among the problems mentioned was the lack of specialized audio stocks in Russia – services for buying soundtracks and sound effects. Illegal use of resources to block Russian games on the site.

Game studios mostly purchase music under license. They don’t write it themselves for every game.

Foreign services are still being cut for Russian companies, but they have to pay for music from foreign accounts. For many studios, this is not a problem, because they have foreign legal entities. But novice developers may face limitations. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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