In February 2023, a series of new laws will enter into force in Russia, let’s talk about the main ones.

Punishment for violating the law on the “sovereign Runet”, retaliatory measures for the oil price ceiling: new in February

  • Telecommunications operators will be fined for the lack of stable Internet. The changes are being introduced to comply with the provisions of the “sovereign route” law. The law, according to which a national Internet traffic routing system is being created in Russia, entered into force on November 1, 2019. It is designed to protect the home segment of the Internet from possible external threats.
  • start acting retaliatory measures to the introduction by the West of a ceiling on Russian oil prices. Therefore, a ban on the supply of Russian oil to foreign natural and legal persons is introduced, if the contracts for these supplies provide for a mechanism for fixing the marginal price. The rule will be applied at all stages of supply, up to the end customer.
  • Maternal capital and a series of social payments will grow. The growth of maternity capital will be 11.9%, families with one child will be able to receive 586,946.72 rubles, families with a second child – 775,628.25 rubles. The one-time allowance for the birth of a child will be 22,909.03 rubles, the minimum monthly allowance for childcare is 7,925.71 rubles.
  • The activities of the FSB, SVR, FSO, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will no longer be “the provision of state and municipal services”. The State Duma website reports that the change in the definition will allow “additional protection of information about the tactics and methods of work of these bodies.”
  • Legislatively the concept of “non-energy non-resource export” was established. This will make it possible to form a unified approach to the classification of various commodity items within the framework of statistical and departmental accounting.


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Source: RB

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