ChatGPT has “found a job” as well as writing texts for nosy taskers who want to test it out. artificial intelligence (AI) OpenAI passed the interview Google for a level 3 engineer vacancy with an annual salary of US$183k, more than R$950k.

The bot was not valid for business. It turns out that Google provided the programming interview questions to ChatGPT. The AI ​​responded and based on what the machine said, big tech evaluated it would be hired for a Tier 3 position.

“Surprisingly, he was hired at ChatGPT L3 (Level 3) while being interviewed for a programming position,” Google explained in an internal document. The level at which AI is tested is entry-level in the company’s team, but the salary is quite satisfactory.

ChatGPT claims that despite passing the interview, it cannot replace a human in tasks that require creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Google did the experiment with several chatbots that it is considering adding to its search engine.. The tech company job interview is heavily based on technical issues.

But ChatGPT itself is calming those who see their jobs at risk with the new tool. Questioned by website PCMagClaims that AI will not replace software engineers. It is an aid for professionals only and “cannot completely replace creativity, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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