It was just a matter of time Google reaction to your arrival Conversational AI called ChatGPT. Well, the competitor that the Mountain View company is preparing to compete with it is already a fact and the name of the development poet. Therefore, as they say in football, there are matches.

To date, Google has been the benchmark in all things applied AI, so it’s no surprise that it reacted as quickly as possible to keep pace with the market. HE running bardAs far as is known, it will very similar to what is known from ChatGPT at first. So to any question or knowledge enhancement, a well-crafted and complex answer is obtained. Therefore, it is ideal for application in all types of services, including software.

Competing with ChatGPT and Microsoft is the goal

Given Redmond’s significant investment in AI, which is a reality in the market (even the integration steps bing search engine (which will be announced shortly at a press conference), it’s normal for Google to look for a way to compete. Compete with the work of OpenAI. He has already shown what he has in mind and that this is much more advanced than previously thought.

GPT Chat Rival Bard Interface


This The information that Bard will work with will be taken from the Internet. and it is hoped that the answers obtained are as up-to-date as they are correct. The evolution of the language this work will offer compared to ChatGPT is yet to be seen. According to the transmitted data, Artificial Intelligence will be able to adapt to the interlocutors, because telling something to an adult or reacting to a child is not the same thing. If so, it would be a significant improvement for the Google search engine, which would be perfect.

Arrival won’t take long for everyone

As always, the actual testing phase will begin at the beginning, so it can be expected that Google will turn to reliable partners. But yeah, just waiting it’s entirely possible to test Google’s development in a few weeks Aiming to compete with ChatGPT and thus Microsoft. One of the things this work looks better at is, Managing LaMDA usage (this is the AI’s ability to speak). In this way, it can be adapted to any device and performance capability.

Obviously, Bard integration will be made in different Google services. It will not incur any additional cost for users who can use it freely and harmlessly. It is clear that ChatGPT is the starting signal for this kind of Artificial Intelligence. We are facing a development that suggests it may gradually change the way we interact with all devices used on a daily basis.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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