This situation has become one of the most used options of the application What’s up. That’s the way the company used to do it messaging app a little more social. And the truth is, time has vindicated him because after the initial doubts, there are now many (at least) who upload news every day. Well, some important news has been officially announced.

All new features coming to WhatsApp states they are testing The test version of the application and all the tests performed have been very successful as of now. they were released for all Those who use the application owned by Meta on both iOS and Android operating systems. The idea is to offer wider options that allow everything posted to be made more complete.

News coming to WhatsApp states

These are the options that the company has announced for itself. publications disappeared without a trace after 24 hours of publication:

  • sound status: You can now make recordings of up to 30 seconds to share in WhatsApp statuses. An easier way to show what’s going on as you don’t have to type anything.
  • reactions in the states: This is something that has been requested for a long time and is now a reality. It’s simple to use, because you just need to swipe your finger up on the screen and then you can choose between the available emojis (normally this number gradually increases – This won’t prevent you from replying with text if you want).
New options in WhatsApp statuses

What’s up
  • Public (or private) view selector: It is now possible to create some privacy options for situations that allow you to tell people that you want to be able to see certain content. An advance in privacy as it is possible to filter what each user sees. Generally used, last is kept as default.
  • Use of rings in profile: This is the new way to find out if there are any statuses waiting to see. It appears around the person’s photo and can be seen in many places, such as the chat list or the groups themselves.

Link preview, another nice update

This is the latest news WhatsApp has announced for its states. By presenting a preview, it is possible knowing more or less what will happen at the destination this has been shared. Therefore, you can make a decision with more information, which is always positive.

It is important to note that the arrival of these new features will happen gradually in different regions where WhatsApp is available, but within a few minutes. A few weeks they should all be fully available in Spain.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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