Microsoft has confirmed that a bug affects Windows 11 and Windows 10 users using computers with Intel graphics cards. The issue causes games and other software that requires DirectX or Direct3D to crash and crash.

Users may have encountered a DLL (apphelp.dll) error while trying to run games on machines with Intel integrated GPUs. According to the company, the issue may be due to the November 2022 cumulative OS updates (KB5019980/KB5019961 in Windows 11 and KB5019959 in Windows 10).

Looks like the DLL bug only hits PCs with Intel integrated GPUs. Owners of Arc line dedicated graphics cards were not affected by the bug after the Windows cumulative update.

on the note, Microsoft states that the issue is related to older versions of Intel drivers ( – Therefore, the error “may occur intermittently in software that uses DirectX or Direct3D to render some or all of the content.”

The company says it’s currently working on a solution. As such, a future update of the operating system should bring a fix patch, still without a release date.

Keeping your computer up to date can prevent performance issues in games.

Keep your computer up to date

The recent Windows 11 DLL error reinforces the importance of keeping computer drivers up to date. Updates can patch important fixes and strengthen the machine’s security against potential security vulnerabilities.

When it comes to graphics card drivers, the lack of updates affects the performance of new games. As seen in the mentioned case, outdated drivers can cause conflicts and prevent content from being rendered.

Source: Tec Mundo

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