While Xiaomi plans to enter the electric car market, Russian fitness intends to open another 400 clubs, and Google employees scoff at their own novelty, the average mortgage size in Russia is growing, offices are being closed Additional banking and Aeroflot is selling foreign real estate. RB continues to follow key business news in Russia and around the world.

Aeroflot sells real estate abroad, the demand for bot developers is falling – the main thing for business February 11

  • The total amount of mortgage loans issued for the purchase of real estate in Moscow in the last year amounted to 666 billion rubles. The average mortgage loan increased by 15% to RUB 7.42 million; in 2021, the amount was 6.47 million rubles (Progorod study).
  • The number of additional offices of Russian banks decreased to 24.2 thousand, from July to December 2022, 926 such offices were closed.
  • The new owners of the Zara stores in Russia will unveil a new concept and announce the opening schedule of the chain’s outlets in the Russian Federation next week (RIA Novosti).
  • In 2023, it is planned to open 400 fitness clubs; the total number of locations will thus increase by 5% (“b”).
  • Xiaomi has announced plans to enter the mass-produced electric vehicle market under its brand in the first quarter of 2024.
  • The international rating agency Moody’s downgraded Ukraine’s rating from “Caa3” to “Ca” with a stable outlook.
  • Members of the BRICS group approved the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff as head of the New Development Bank (G1).
  • Aeroflot has published announcements for the sale of 12 properties in Hungary, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium. The most expensive is an apartment building in Larnaca for €1.9 million (RBC).
  • Google employees trade memes and ridicule their own Bard AI chatbot, whose announcement is considered “rushed” (after the bot’s misfiring, the company’s shares fell 9%).
  • The number of vacancies for messenger bot developers has halved in 2022 compared to 2021 (Kommersant with reference to hh.ru).


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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