Russian cellular operators have begun testing telecommunications equipment manufactured by little-known foreign companies – in general, it corresponds to almost all operations, but the question arises of its appointment with an already established percentage.

In addition, these foreign manufacturers are exploring the possibility of investing in terms of refining solutions for Russian customers, taking into account Russian conditions, but try not to advertise their cooperation with mobile operators from Russia.

It is also clarified that testing of equipment not related to Huawei and ZTE is already being carried out by Tele2 with MegaFon, and the corresponding registry meets the requirements for importing into Russia, a new expert production center JRC, Telrad from Japan, and Taiwanese HTC.

However, according to the deputies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak, who cited the Cifrotech forum as part of the forum, the market segment that became free after leaving Russia for future manufacturers of this type occupies domestic equipment in the heads, as companies from India, China, and other states in the country, previously used equipment was not used, since there was no experience either in building complex solutions or in planetary bearings clients.

Source: Tech Cult

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