Since December 2022, scammers have registered dozens of domains associated with ChatGPT in Russian domain zones. Users risk both payment data and personal data.

Scammers started offering to buy access to an account to work with ChatGPT

Access to ChatGPT in Russia is sold both through chatbots on Telegram and through classified ads. A fraudster can, under the guise of registering an account, ask to transfer money to your account as a prepayment or send a fake payment page and steal money and card data, Vedomosti reported, citing experts.

Analysts have named another option for using ChatGPT in fraudulent schemes: in this case, the neural network itself becomes an applied tool for attackers. It can be used to write malware code and phishing emails.

And with access to an email archive, an attacker could use ChatGPT to configure a large language model to mimic the writing style of a particular person, such as a CEO, experts warned.

You can fight illegal use of ChatGPT by marking the results of your activities. For example, in China, the generation of content by neural networks without signals is legally prohibited.

  • ChatGPT is an AI-based multitasking chatbot that was released in an early demo by OpenAI in November 2022.
  • ChatGPT can answer almost any question, the chatbot generates content and gives advice. ChatGPT can also be used to generate a quality query for other neural networks, etc.
  • OpenAI was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and former Y Combinator president Sam Altman. three years later, Musk left OpenAI’s board of directors and subsequently criticized the company for a low level of security and a “culture of secrecy.”


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Source: RB

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