The number of DDoS attacks in the Russian banking sector has quadrupled in 2022, the Central Bank has reported. The number of cyber threats is also increasing and the demand for protection and insurance against cyber attacks in the financial sector is growing.

The number of DDoS attacks on Russian banks quadrupled in 2022

The number of DDoS attacks on the banking sector quadrupled in 2022 compared to 2021, while the number of cyber-attacks increased by 2%. Philip Gabunia, Vice President of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, spoke about this. According to him, the demand for insurance services in the field of cybersecurity is growing among Russian banks.

In December, VTB reported an “unprecedented” powerful cyberattack on its technology infrastructure. The attacks were carried out from the outside and were planned.

Previously, cybersecurity experts spoke of a 120% increase in the demand for protection from companies against DDoS attacks, the number of clients from the banking sector grew by 83%, that of the insurance industry by 110%.

According to StormWall, Russia in 2022 entered the top four most DDoS-attacked countries in the world. By the end of the year, 1.2 million DDoS attacks were carried out in Russia, representing 8.4% of all attacks committed in the world.

According to experts, by the spring of 2023, the number of DDoS attacks against Russian companies may increase by 300%. The most dangerous will be attacks on the internal platforms of companies.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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