Lockheed Martin has announced the first successful collection of artificial intelligence for audio piloting of a warhead. Aircraft controlled by AI territory in the pool for more than 17 consecutive hours and securities of various maneuvers. This happened back in December 2021, as part of the VISTA X-62A Universal Flight Tester project, which is now ready for display.

If during the Second World War the development of the strike force took place, a fighter or attack aircraft took up to 3 years, today the same F-35 Lightning II has already taken place for 20 years, and by the time it is launched in the series, it becomes hopelessly established. But more time is required for pilot training, for which ready-made copies are needed. In search of a solution to this problem, Lockheed Martin invented the concept of an aircraft, the characteristics of which can be quickly changed by software to mimic the functions of various models of new fighters.

It was based on the proven F-16 Block 30 Peace Marble II airframe, which was supplemented with modified engines, as well as a number of electronic systems for simulating formation control systems. Thanks to this, the aircraft can appear in the sky in reality in the real features of the flight of various prototypes. In addition, it becomes a training stand for training such pilots – more precisely, in the future after the proho. certification.

Source: Tech Cult

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