Apple Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) in Russia have stopped repairing devices that were purchased outside of the Russian Federation, Izvestia has learned.

Apple service centers began to refuse to repair devices purchased abroad – Izvestia

Even if the owner of the device presents a check, the device is denied repair. This information was confirmed upon publication in several of these centers. At the same time, Apple’s own technical support claimed that there were no such instructions from the company.

At the Doctor Smart service center, when trying to deliver a laptop for repair, the publication’s correspondent was told that they only service officially delivered devices in the Russian Federation. They refused to accept a laptop bought abroad.

Serso ASC gave a similar response and NB Service clarified that they do not accept devices purchased abroad after March 2022. The same data was announced on ASC Re:Store.

“Apple computers are covered by a one-year warranty, which does not depend on the region of purchase of the device. It is checked against the serial number, and if the warranty is valid, an authorized service center should accept it and repair it,” Apple support told the publication.

As Lyubov Morozova, senior product manager at diHouse, explained, Apple signs contracts with ASC for one year. The current agreements are valid until March. The company is obliged to provide warranty support, the expert stressed.

At the same time, Morozova added that the ACS is not responsible for the equipment that entered the country under the parallel import scheme.

In March last year, the American company Apple announced the termination of deliveries to Russia. However, as of July 2022, thousands of smartphones and laptops have been imported into the country.

In the fall, news broke that Apple transferred most of its Russian employees to Kyrgyzstan and the United Arab Emirates.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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