In case you missed it, iOS 16.4 will prevent new beta versions of the system from being launched for testing by developers. Such iOS usually appear right after Apple’s summer presentations, weeks or a month before the first opening. publicly available beta versions.

Now install the latest version of iOS. It’s a pleasure $99 per year.

Apple’s decision caused a flurry of criticism on the Internet. The company was accused of greed.

All this, of course, is nonsense. I install such firmware every year, for 12 years now. I think that detecting the presence of beta versions intended for consumption is absolutely the right move.

Every year the same story

“Be-be-be, the program crashes, how come!”

Almost immediately after Apple’s summer presentations, the Internet runs complaints and dissatisfaction users of beta versions of iOS updates.

At the same time, the vast majority of their authors are teenagers, students and iPhone owners who are not savvy in technology.

You can understand them: you saw a new cool feature, you want to try it or show it to others, including on social networks. And then there’s the installation tool (very easy!) turned up under the arm.

Then many of them unravel the consequences until the fall. Necessary applications may not work and pre-installed ones may crash. Reboot, fast battery discharge, overheating, bugs – little fun. A painless rollback to a stable version is not always possible, or often leads to the loss of part of the data. Some after installing the “beta” shine “bricks” that require help to the service center.

The ease with which Apple made available the beta version of the OS made it possible to advertise their devices. wrong sign. The firmware lies, it is installed for free in a couple of minutes, why not try it?

Judging by the monotonous comments-complaints every day, abundantly appearing on our website, acquired immunity to this disease does not exist – as well as the detection of treatment without analysis.

Therefore, it is necessary vaccine.

No, Apple is not greedy or afraid of your complaints.

I do not believe that the company went for this radial sale of a subscription to a developer account. The number of people willing to shell out $100 to install a firmware two to three months before it’s released is negligible – and they most likely already have such a subscription.

Ask yourself: personally you are ready for 7-8 thousand rublesto put iOS 17 in actually and endure a lot of bugs? I am sure that anyone who wishes can be recalculated according to reliable data.

Nor do I believe in the frequent frequency of the conspiracy: Apple’s discovery will limit the availability of beta firmware to hide their definition and bugs from certain ones.

For an average YouTuber, let alone any famous site or tech blogging personality, $100 for a developer account is just dust, more precisely, part of the meager costs of content. Believe me, articles and videos about the next 150 bugs of the first beta versions of iOS will not go anywhere. On the contrary, their readings and views will even grow.

Then why does the company deprive people of suffering for the sake of the possibility of increasing the added emoji in tiktok?

The reason for the ban is for a connection that does not exist

If you have installed the beta version of any Apple firmware, then you have interesting features of a special application − Review. It is also called Feedback Assistant.

It allows report money to Apple in the operation of the system and any shortcomings. Such “reports” are collected with a lot of details (when, where, what kind of error) and take several minutes.

So. The vast majority of those who install the beta firmware without a developer account, the application never do not own. They are not testers, not an interested party, but they just came “on the hype”. They discover the Recall program or remove it, or they don’t know about it. Therefore, complaints are poured into comments, social media posts and other corners of the endless Internet.

This is what the “report” looks like in the application Review. Pay attention – Apple answers.

The purpose of the beta firmware is to identify as many problems as possible, verify and validate get high-quality, targeted communication. Focus on news. But the more such anonymous, useless cries on the Internet without detailed logs and details, problems arise, the darker the absent-mindedness and the more inefficient work is being done on fixing errors. Any developer or “IT specialist” in such a situation wants logs, not screams “I pressed something and everything broke”.

Each beta version of Apple firmware is accompanied by massive advanced logger processes that fix system operation to the detriment of device performance and battery. These logs go to Apple with every “report” through the app Review. But you have to send them yourself and accompany the details. Otherwise, the debugging team at Apple just doesn’t have to solve the problem and start solving it.

Most likely Apple is just tired of straining your teams consistently built, aggressive and useless complaints on the Internet for each new firmware. And therefore, it was decided to reduce their audience to the one that is the minimum allowable (and monetary) investment in the world and the implementation of software development.

Once upon a time, with iOS, everything was exactly like this: closed beta versions without a developer account. And so be it. One accurate “report” with a log from a knowledgeable person can help solve almost any problem. It’s definitely better than the millions of emotional complaints on social media.

Source: Iphones RU

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