British sociologists from the University of Cambridge summarized the results of the experiment with a four-day work week. The study showed that employees of companies became much less likely to “burn out”, experience a sense of stress, and the income of these companies increased slightly.

British sociologists summarized the results of the experiment with a four-day work week.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have published the results of an experiment with a four-day (32-hour) work week, which was conducted from June 2022. The study involved 61 UK companies with a total workforce of 2, 9 thousand people from different business sectors.

The experiment led to the fact that 71% of employees became less likely to “burn out” at work, 39% of respondents reported a decrease in stress levels. 62% of the study participants admitted that they found it easier to combine work and personal life.

The 23 companies that provided their financial data increased their revenue by an average of 1.4%.

Almost all companies that participated in the experiment intend to continue it, 14 organizations decided to keep the four-day work schedule.


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