Creators use artificial intelligence to simulate voices and conversations between famous people. The vast majority of the most popular ads are pretty funny. The most popular format seems to represent notables playing video games like “FIFA”, “Overwatch” or “Minecraft”. It’s pretty funny to hear Obama or Biden use online gaming slang, to be honest it mimics AI voices almost perfectly.

For example, in one video, AI Obama says that he and AI Biden want to join Trump’s AI world in Minecraft. After a few minutes of contempt, everyone says they’ve joined the server. But then Trump plunges Biden into a deep abyss and his character dies. “Look, Donald, that’s why we didn’t want to play with you last time,” says AI Biden. “You’re just a bunch of kids,” Trump’s AI replied.

Some accounts dedicated to fake celebrity AI fake audio videos have garnered huge followers and millions of views.

Source: Ferra

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