MediaChain Ecosystem representative Dmitry Mazanov called the NFT market quite new and dynamically developing. He listed the RB.RU NFT projects for possible investments in 2023.

MediaChain Ecosystem Named Top 7 NFT Projects For Investment In 2023

The expert also warned that this market is highly risky and prone to volatility, so before investing, each project should be carefully studied and its profit potential and risks analyzed.

TOP-7 NFT Projects:

  • cryptopunks — a series of 10 thousand unique pixel characters, which are among the first NFT collections.
  • Bored Monkey Yacht Club – A collection of 10,000 unique “boring things”, each representing a unique gorilla with a variety of clothing and accessories.
  • art blocks is a platform for creating unique generative works of art, each one unique and the result of an algorithm.
  • the sandbox is a gaming platform using blockchain technology where users can create, play and monetize their own NFT games and assets.
  • NBA top shot is a platform for collecting digital NBA trading cards, which represent game moments and can be bought and sold on the secondary market.
  • infinity axis It is a blockchain-based game where users can earn cryptocurrency by playing and trading in-game assets.
  • chubby penguins – A collection of 8888 unique penguins with different properties and accessories.

By 2030, according to Morgan Stanley analysts, the size of the NFT market may reach $240 billion. At the same time, around 8% of the NFT market ($56 billion) will be represented by luxury brand tokens.

The more people learn about NFTs, the more scammers will appear in this area. Due to hackers, a successful investment can turn into a disappointment in no time: millions of dollars worth of tokens are stolen from users every year. In most cases, the reason for hacking is the negligence of the wallet owner. RB.RU told you how to protect your NFTs from theft.


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