The Shutterstock photo bank site has stopped opening in Russia. It can only be accessed with a VPN. Roskomnadzor has not yet made official comments on the blocking of the resource, but, according to the services for verifying access to sites, the photo bank of the shutter is not available in Russia.

The Shutterstock photo bank site has stopped opening in Russia

Users of one of the world’s largest photo banks, Shutterstock, drew attention to the unavailability of the resource.

Some users experience difficulties accessing the photo bank site for several days. In particular, for the past three days, the Shutterstock website has not been opened for home Internet users from Rostelecom in St. Petersburg.

Photo: Trying to access

According to site access control services, is not available in Russia, although it is available in other countries. In Russia, the photo bank website can only be accessed using VPN services.

Roskomnadzor at the time of publication of the material did not make official comments on the blocking of Shutterstock in Russia. RB.RU sent a request to the department. The editors also asked Shutterstock’s representative in Russia, Fotodom, for an explanation of the situation.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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