Waitlist for Bing chat with GPT-4 to be removed by Microsoft. About a month ago, the major tech search engine launched an AI-powered version of OpenAI, a startup that received funding from the consolidated company.

Microsoft preaches extreme caution when making Bing available with AI, but it should be available to everyone at the end of the waiting list. A the page still shows the list button but redirects the user instantly. So everyone can access the experience.

“During this preview period, we’re running several tests that may speed up access to the new Bing for some users. We’re still in preview and you can sign up for Bing.com,” a Microsoft spokesperson explained. TechCrunch.

The company is racing to add OpenAI chatbot to most of its services. Artificial intelligence is already available in the Windows 11 taskbar, and the Edge browser has tech resources too.

The addition of GPT-4 to Bing has already paid off, with Microsoft’s search engine reaching 100 million daily users. Of course, the figure is still far from Google, but it shows the potential of the tool.

Source: Tec Mundo

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