Windows 11 came out with complex requirements like TPM 2.0, 8th generation or higher processors. However, the system can be installed on unsupported hardware. Fortunately, Microsoft has no plans to block Windows 11 on these computers. But the company wants to embarrass users by putting a watermark on the desktop.

However, watermarks can be disabled. This can certainly be done by system administrators in companies. What you need:

  • open the start menu or windows search.
  • enter the group policy (this does not work in Windows Home).
  • Go to “Local Computer Policy” > “Computer Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “System”.
  • Enable the “Hide messages if Windows system requirements are not met” policy.

In Windows Home, you have to use the registry editor:

  • open it.
  • Expand the control panel.
  • Select the UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache folder.
  • Right-click on the SV2 entry.
  • Select “Change”.
  • change the value to “0”.
  • press OK.

After that, you should restart your computer.

Source: Ferra

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