Small airlines are under threat of disruption due to problems with the issuance of new qualification certificates from the Federal Air Transport Agency through the Gosuslug portal. Flight attendants and aircraft maintenance specialists are also unable to receive documents in electronic format. In the current situation, airlines with physically limited staff cannot operate flights.

Airlines complained about refusals to issue certificates to pilots through the “Gosuslugi”

Representatives of Helix, UVT Aero, Smartavia, IrAero and other airlines, among which are not mentioned in the top ten airlines, reported difficulties in the work of RBC.

On March 1, the Federal Air Transport Agency switched from issuing air personnel certificates on paper to issuing documents in electronic format through the Gosuslug portal (in accordance with government decree No. 1581).

In fact, it turned out that technically the department was not ready to provide the service: employees of civil aviation companies receive refusals.

According to Vadim Baldin, director of the Helix airline, none of his employees managed to receive documents in electronic format.

“There is a problem, and a rather big one: we cannot get certificates and add qualification marks to the certificates of those who have them,” the head of the Kamchatka aviation company, Alexei Khrabrov, is quoted by RBC as saying.

Dozens of other companies say that a link to issuing certificates appeared on the Gosuslug portal, but the service is not actually provided. But there are those who do not face the problem – these are Volga-Dnepr, KrasAvia and ChukotAvia.

At the same time, the Angara company adds: there are no difficulties so far, since the documents are still relevant, but in two or three months, when the time comes to make changes, serious problems may arise, because the flight crew is small. .

The difficulties will be related to the fact that some pilots will not be able to board the flights due to the “expired English level” (this will also have to be confirmed in certificates in electronic format), while others will not be able to leave due to the lack of new qualification documents. .

Such a problem is already observed in Smartavia and UVT-Aero. According to the Air Code, an employee without a certificate cannot be allowed to work.

There will be no one not only to fly, but also to serve air transport. For example, at the Helix company, about 10% of the staff cannot begin to perform their duties: not only pilots are among them. The Kamchatka aviation company also has problems with the flight mechanics.

“Now, while it is not yet the season, we are coping, but in the summer, if the situation does not change, we will be forced to cancel flights due to the overwork of crews working hours,” RBC quotes the words. of the general director of the carrier Alexei Khrabrov.

The press services of the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency confirm that there is a problem, the departments are trying to resolve the situation through joint efforts.

Presumably, the provision of the certificate issuance service in electronic format will be postponed for another year (until March 1, 2024).

According to an anonymous representative of the Ministry of Transport, after identifying the problem, the department prepared and has already submitted to the Ministry of Justice a draft amendment to the corresponding government decree.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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