Criminals are mastering new breakthrough technologies faster than ordinary applications. This can be seen on the streets on the laptops of the criminals seized today during the investigation by Europol. Oi indicate that European scammers began to use Chatgpt in satm r rr rr s s

Criminals are cunning and easily bypass the built-in protection of ChatGPT – for example, the prohibition on creating malicious code. To do this, they simply break the pieces into several parts in order to look for independent ones. They are combined into one program. Therefore, it cannot be programmed, you can use this tool in ChatGPT.

The second popular niche of unexpected use of the neural network is social engineering. ChatGPT effortlessly wrote compelling text for a phishing site or chat, without errors and with compound details that mislead the user. He can lead and cause a dialogue in people in his rightness, create tempting offers for mailings and reproduce a certain manner of communication in order to pass off as a real person.

The third fraudulent method of Chatgpt is the ability to strain with asking ways, to know about new fers, ban schemes, analyze the statistics of winnings by presulins, so as not to conk specifically. And also to get an understanding of what mistakes other scammers make, what the police catch them on and how it is a hut. The neural network of outliers and the inevitable transformation into a double-edged tool that brings both benefits and harm.

Source: Tech Cult

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