Inventive Retail Group (IRG, part of Lanit Group), the operator of the re:Store stores, which used to be Apple’s premium reseller in Russia, began to develop a new market for itself, Kommersant discovered. The company opened a MachIndex turning and milling shop.

Apple’s premium reseller in Russia opened a store for turning and milling machines

On the domain, which is registered in the name of one of the legal entities of IRG, Restor LLC, at the end of March, a website appeared with an offer to order machine tools for small businesses and industry, as well as systems for numerical control. (CNC).

The proposed desktop machines are used for artisan or small-scale production, in vocational training. In Russian stores, the cost of desktop lathes is 60-500 thousand rubles, milling machines – 50-250 thousand rubles.

IRG said that MachIndex is “a startup that will not be included in the governance structure of the group.” The company described the opening of the store as a new “business opportunity” in relation to the sanctions and the exit from the market of the main manufacturers of metal-mechanic equipment.

The company Inventive Technologies, which belongs to the Cypriot group ReStore Retail Group Limited, declares since December 2022 the import of lathes and milling machines, cutters and drills for them, as well as machines for metal laser cutting, to the EAEU countries. All products are made by Chinese companies.


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Source: RB

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