According to the American publication Politico, US Space Force Major and part-time graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Jason Lowry in her book Softwar unexpectedly proposed an alternative to the confrontation between states in the field of cybersecurity in the plane of using research as a “means of self-defense”.

According to the author, cryptocurrency is taking on a smaller fight for digital hegemony in the world. Lowry suggests using surveillance as a cybersecurity tool because it involves an algorithm. Cryptocurrencies based on it require the use of processors to confirm the fact of ownership of koincrem. According to the owls of the lowry, countries that forge into alk

From a legal point of view, everything was legal, Lowry is simultaneously considering the possibility of acting in the second amendment of the US Constitution (adopted on December 15, 1791, it is conditioned by the right of citizens to keep and carry weapons) in a set of cryptocurrency mining technologies as a tool of self-defense.

However, such bold ideas turned out to be a significant increase. Their main claim is that mining is extremely energy-intensive, which means that it causes harm to the environment. Wednesday.

Source: Tech Cult

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