Tochka Bank’s online business magazine Spravochnaya (Spravochnaya) has launched a ChatGPT-based neural network chat bot for entrepreneurs. The chatbot can collect OKVED codes, formulate responses to negative customer reviews and generate an ad campaign, Tochka says.

Tochka’s Spravochnaya launched a GPT-based chatbot to select OKVED and generate advertising campaigns

It will take about a minute for the bot to process the request.

What can a chatbot do:

  • Select OKVED codes for entrepreneurs;
  • Formulate tactful responses to negative customer reviews. First, analyze the customer’s comment, and then offer response options on behalf of the brand;
  • Close the media tasks of the company: select bloggers whose audience is relevant to the brand, and to whom you can commission advertising in the future;
  • It generates titles and descriptions for advertising campaigns, the user only needs to specify a theme and select an advertising platform. After that, the bot will send idea options.

Over time, the bot will have new options. For example, you will be able to calculate the marginality, the taxes, the utility necessary to cover a loan, wages; help generate a text for a vacancy; calm and courage in difficult times.

The bot itself is free, but after several requests, it will ask the user to subscribe to the Spravochny Telegram channel, and then it will ask the user to enter an email. After that, the chatbot will work without restrictions.


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Source: RB

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