According to BBC News, University of Australia (UWA) ocean researchers have captured a snailfish at a depth of about 8,340 meters off the island of Japan using a stand-alone Lander camera. The pre-southern “recordsmenku” occurred in the Mariinsky depression at a depth of about 8180 meters.

According to scientists, in the event of occurrence, we are talking about the maximum depths of survival of fish. The fish shown in the photo belongs to the species Pseudoliparis. Unfortunately, it was not possible to catch her, which prevented scientists from completing the identification.

A kind of “consolation” catch of several species of fish Pseudoliparis belyaevi, caught at a depth of slightly less than 8020 meters, which, by the way, is also a record – before that no one managed to catch a fish at such a depth. Pseudoliparis live in certain zones of hadal, the most gokocoded part of the world’s material.

UWA professor Alan Jamieson suggested that the survival of snail fish in such extreme conditions over warmer water in Japan.

Source: Tech Cult

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